Broccoli Patties

I have seen recipes for Broccoli bites, broccoli tots, patties etc.  When I opened my Cuisinart I immediately began thinking of all the things I wanted to make with it.  My first was broccoli.

The recipes I have seen have you make the mixture and shape them into patties on parchment to bake but making you turn them over halfway through.  The turning over is usually where my plans go to hell and take the meal with them.  So I went my own way.

My take on “Broccoli Patties” is listed below.  Pardon the pictures – they are less than photographer worthy but they are my own.  At the end I paired the veg with a lovely filet of Cod – seasoned with lemon and Old Bay.


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Everyone needs a Cuisinart in their lives

My Wonderful Husband knocked Christmas out of the park this year.  He did so with one simply item – a food processor.  I hit at things every year – as us wives normally do – and my husband usually takes the “under advisement” and goes a different, just as thoughtful route.  This year I received exactly what I asked for – thanks in part to my lovely Stepson who reminded his Father that they will get to eat whatever I make with it!  I asked for the 7-cup but in hindsight and taken how much I love it I should have asked for the 11 or 13 cup work bowl.

Cuisinart 7-Cup Food Processor on Amazon

This fantastic little kitchen appliance has made Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole, Yellow Squash “mac” and cheese, Hummus, Falafel style chickpea patties with spinach and ham, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Ginger cream soup, taken the tears out of chopping onions, and even made my kids beg for broccoli.  You heard right, Dear Friend, BEG….FOR…BROCCOLI!   Continue reading “Everyone needs a Cuisinart in their lives”

The Beginning – not a Bad Place to Start

So, it is a new year and I am starting a new blog.  We shall see how long this one goes before I drop off again.  I have no idea what it will be about or if it will be about anything in particular.  2016 isn’t much different from 2015.  The world seems to be spiralling out of control.  Everyone so worried about everyone else and not themselves.  Worried about what other peoples children are doing or not doing and not minding their own.  I feel if everyone worried about their own household and teaching others to be tolerant and respectful than there would be less crime as there would be more respect for life over all.  our own and others.
But I am not a political person.  When offered power everyone who receives it becomes a horrid narcissistic monster with a price tag.  Our leaders should work for free.  With housing, food and the necessities provided for while they tend to their office.  after their office is over…. they should get a job just like everyone else.  But my two cents are made of wood and therefore not worth much to anyone.  Continue reading “The Beginning – not a Bad Place to Start”