So, January…..

Well, Our President was sworn in on Friday – Streamed live on Twitter.  I feel it will be renamed TrumpTweet.  It will be interesting to see how the next 4 years proceed.   The weekend was full of protests of Woman’s Rights, Trump Haters, All people haters, people who hate Racist and claim not to be racist themselves…..

America seems full of people who “know” they are right and everyone else is wrong and are willing to hurt people to prove their points.  Personally, I have never agreed with anyone while they were punching me in the face.

Treat people fairly.  Allow people control of their lives and bodies.  Teach your children to accept people for who they are.  You are not physically harmed by accepting a woman’s right to the decisions that are done to her body.  We are not second class citizens.  We should not be chipped down to our ability to reproduce.  We are not livestock, to breed as others see fit.  We should also not treat ourselves like livestock – breeding to hold on to our men or having so many children we cannot economically take care of them.  The fruit of your loins are not mine to take care of.

If you didn’t Vote Trump or don’t agree with what he says. Peacefully protest, write your letters to your state reps who ultimately control what gets passed in our government.  Destroying other people’s lives doesn’t make you a good guy.  smashing windows of a McDonald’s doesn’t really hurt anyone – Insurance Companies pay out  and rates go up.  The food cost will go up there as well once Minimum wage is raised for the Entry Worker flipping burgers to support their 7 children because they made a decision to use their uterus instead of their decent sense to want more than a job at McDonald’s.

How about producing locally instead of raising wages – how about the cost of items going down instead of the Burger Microwave Operator making the same wage as the Postal Worker.  If we didn’t have to “bring in” so many products from over seas they wouldn’t cost so much.  If our produce was grown right around the corner we wouldn’t need to ship it from California.

The saying works….If you don’t want to smell smoke – don’t smoke.  If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one.  If you don’t agree with Gay don’t be Gay.  IF you don’t want to work for Pennies – get trained in a skill that will pay you more.  A college education is great but a skill is worth more.

Just my thoughts – I am not famous and I don’t get paid to report “news” so take it all with a grain of salt.

Happy Monday!


New Year

So Christmas has come and gone.  Now the children are returning to school and it is the long haul to Easter and Spring Vacation.

It seems as hard as I tried I just couldn’t keep it together.  after the 3 Christmas celebrations were done – I broke.  I sobbed, I questioned where my marriage was going, why I was moving in and out of my days with little to no emotions.  I felt alone and that I should be alone – deserved it even although no action sentenced it.

It ended with me sitting on the floor with my husband wondering what the hell.  According to the Hubs – Less worry about the cleaning, dinner, laundry etc and more time simply getting out of the house – with and without the kids.  My life has become a robotic routine.  And as with anything else; I had become a mindless machine, silently screaming inside until I could no longer stand it.

Hubs could sense it but not know what to do had simply retreated out of my space.  I tend to bottle and fester.  I don’t take advice or help very well.  I have always been a rock in rough times and forced to simply deal and pick up everyone else who falls apart – not allowing myself the same luxury.

So now the New Year has started.  Nothing will be perfect – but hopefully I can spend this year taking steps towards selfish happiness and thus holding my marriage and family together.