This wagon should be closer to the ground….

So, I think I have fallen off every wagon I have ever jumped on.  I have fallen off the blog wagon, the diet wagon [Hello 10 lbs; I thought your left], the pen pal wagon with both my SIL and Niece [yea – I suck].

I mean – what do you do when the answer to the question “Whatcha wanna do?” is NOTHING.

I cook, I clean, I do kids homework, I run the MomTaxi, I periodically craft, I play app games, read books with my youngest son [Captain Underpants is the new choice – Tra-La-Laaaaaa].  We even made Capt. Underpants, George and Harold pumpkins!

I like to cook and read and play silly games and watch TV/Movies but is that really all???

Maybe I just need a nap.  Do women in their mid-30’s just shut down and mechanically go through life with small spits of smiles?  Is it really the little things?  Is it the little things because mostly everything else is un-enjoyable?  Do we put to much stock in Happy when we should just be content?  Content = Bills paid, food on table, games to play/books to read/tv to watch…….

Meh – what a return post….


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