Dragons Love Tacos

I love reading with my son.  Today’s selection is Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin Illustrated by Daniel Salmieri.

We checked out the book and the movie from our local library.

As a parent, this book is great for the beginning reader. The words are short and few per page and the story is engaging.  The illustrations are fun and full of little surprises when you examine them.  Funny titles to jars and books within the actual pictures. The movie has a read-a-long option where the words appear on the screen.  The movie is the pictures from the book slightly animated.  There is also an option to not have the words appear on screen.  We read the book 12 ways to Sunday, with and without the movie.  My son loved it more every time. Below is my budding 6 year old’s review – he spoke, I typed.

This book is wonderful.  They party and eat tacos together. The kid fills a boat and the whole entire house with tacos but buries the spicy salsa, no spicy anything.  There are a lot of dragons. It’s wonderful because the Dragons build a house for the kid.  ~Ian

Read to your children.  The love of books is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow.  If they have a book they will always have something to do.

Goodreads – Dragons Love Tacos

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