More Veggies

So, like so many people I have been fighting the masses of fast and over processed convenience when it comes to my food.  It simply amazes me that I can get a burger and fries and a regular Coke for under 5 bucks at any fast food place, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s – take your pick.  A Salad and a bottle of water – you better be ready to had over a $10.00 and that is just for you let alone the poor choices provided for your children.

Why are the healthy choices so much more abundant and expensive than the choices that will clog you arteries, muck up you skin and expand your waistline and increase the fat that us women are already biologically geared to hold on to?

My conspiracy theorists blame the government – who else?!  Stating that a less healthy population with a lower life expectancy allows Big Brother to keep our social security pay in.  Also, thanks to Obamacare, the insurance companies, doctors and pharmacies can charge more because of our Risk factors such as weight, smoking and any vices we may have.

So why is it financially difficult to feed a family of 4 in a healthy manner?  I can buy boxes of noodles for a buck a box but a bag of salad costs $4.  Boxed dinners like Hamburger Helper, Mac and Cheese and even the high sodium sleepers  like the “just add chicken” frozen “veggie and noodle” meals are cheaper than fresh, unfrozen produce.  I am not knocking frozen veggies – that isn’t the point.

Also, commercials make unhealthy food more appealing.  Throwing fried chicken and gigantic greasy triple cheeseburger monstrosities on my television screen and make mouths water.

I digress – as I will often do.  I have been making an effort to make healthy more appealing to my family.  I am having an okay time with it – but I know a lot of people whose children simply see green and refuse to eat.

Anyone have this issue?  Anyone else lessening the quick fix for spending more time in the kitchen to prepare at least one meal a day?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

As with anything else there are studies on the interwebs matching food prep time with obesity.  The quick-pace, overly-convenient, overly-medicated life of the average American will probably continue to lower the life expectancy of its residents.  As the saying goes, nothing in life is certain but Death and Taxes.

I will post more on my journey through what sometimes feel like the hostile territory of food.

Until next time – Cheers!


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