Everyone needs a Cuisinart in their lives

My Wonderful Husband knocked Christmas out of the park this year.  He did so with one simply item – a food processor.  I hit at things every year – as us wives normally do – and my husband usually takes the “under advisement” and goes a different, just as thoughtful route.  This year I received exactly what I asked for – thanks in part to my lovely Stepson who reminded his Father that they will get to eat whatever I make with it!  I asked for the 7-cup but in hindsight and taken how much I love it I should have asked for the 11 or 13 cup work bowl.

Cuisinart 7-Cup Food Processor on Amazon

This fantastic little kitchen appliance has made Chicken Spaghetti Squash Casserole, Yellow Squash “mac” and cheese, Hummus, Falafel style chickpea patties with spinach and ham, Sweet Potato, Carrot, Ginger cream soup, taken the tears out of chopping onions, and even made my kids beg for broccoli.  You heard right, Dear Friend, BEG….FOR…BROCCOLI!  

If you don’t have one you should start pricing them and pick one.  And take your time, while I love my Cuisinart and it was in my budget you may lean towards another.  I recommend one especially if you want easy ways to make veggies fun for picky children or to take the time out of slicing and dicing.  I am blessed with wonderful children who learned a long time ago the truth of “you eat what I cook or you can be hungry”.  I do my best to cook a meal that is healthy and we sit down together as a family  to share our evening meal.   They are also Honest and if they truly do not like it or feel it has to much or not enough of something they speak it.  Constructive criticism and praise goes a long way when cooking for others. I don’t care how busy you are – unless you are out on a sports field at dinner time – you can have a meal together that doesn’t come from a drive-thru.

The more I cook the more efficient I become.  Since I usually start with a recipe but I barely follow it and use more of a “this will go – throw it in” philosophy; the first go round with making anything takes me longer than if I make it again.  If you feel you have no time sit down and think – do you sit in front of the television every night?  Do you have a free sunday that you could prep cassaroles to pull out of the fridge during the week?  Even if it is 2 days a work week and 1 on the weekend you will be amazed at the change that 20 minutes of table time will make in your family unit.

The time and love spent cooking for my family is fulfilling to me – especially when I know what they are putting in their bodies and they honestly enjoy their meal.

Recipes to follow!!



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