The Beginning – not a Bad Place to Start

So, it is a new year and I am starting a new blog.  We shall see how long this one goes before I drop off again.  I have no idea what it will be about or if it will be about anything in particular.  2016 isn’t much different from 2015.  The world seems to be spiralling out of control.  Everyone so worried about everyone else and not themselves.  Worried about what other peoples children are doing or not doing and not minding their own.  I feel if everyone worried about their own household and teaching others to be tolerant and respectful than there would be less crime as there would be more respect for life over all.  our own and others.
But I am not a political person.  When offered power everyone who receives it becomes a horrid narcissistic monster with a price tag.  Our leaders should work for free.  With housing, food and the necessities provided for while they tend to their office.  after their office is over…. they should get a job just like everyone else.  But my two cents are made of wood and therefore not worth much to anyone. 

Just a little about me.  I am the working mother of two wonderful boys.  A 16 year old stepson – trying to find his place and identity in this world and a 6 year old who is just starting out in the world and learning what it means to be something other than Mommy Baby.  Not little baby – I have the “tiger” stripes for every pound!
Anyway, My other blog, Quiet Ramblings [Blogger], dropped off almost 2 years ago and so I thought I would start a new one instead of tagging on to the past.  New year means making changes to things we are not so happy with.  I miss writing!  Writing anything.  Facebook lately is very political and not a good outlet for me.  So I will leave Facebook for the sharing with family and close personal friends and I will “Blog” to anyone who falls into this rabbit hole.
Ta for now!  Live long and Prosper, Eat well, Kiss your kids and if you want that piece of chocolate – Just eat it!  Your “diet” will survive.  You should really make a lifestyle change and not Diet.  Diets are self sabotaging because the lead the doer to feel they are short term.  when in the long run Health is health and not diet fad torture.

Cheers!     Angel



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